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Publishing Solutions

Ad Formats For Your Website or Blog

With our ad formats, you will be able to display quality ads on your website or blog and earn up to 75% revenue share. Our state-of-the-art technology provides you with the best ads on the market for your website. You can maximize your revenue with multiple ad formats to provide more ways to display advertisements. The ads can be customized to match your website making them easy to display and implement into the site. Check out the ad formats below for more details.

Slider Widget Ads
Sliding widgets are a great way to capture your target audience. These ads are always above the fold giving you a higher click through rate (CTR). This ad format can be customized to fit your website and help you obtain a higher engagement rate.

More information and examples of Slider Widget Ads...

In-Text Ads
Our in-text ads are one of the most popular ad formats that we currently provide. This is a great format to use because it not only provides quality ads, but saves valuable space on your website by displaying the ads in your content.

More information and examples of In-Text Ads...

Widget Ads
Widget ads are a newer and more interesting type of ad format that we provide. The widget ad is very effective and allows you to customize the sizes, fonts, and colors to appropriately match your website.

More information and examples of Widget Ads...

Text Ads
Text ads are one of the most common and basic form of ads. This type of ad is used to easily and effectively display your ads. This ad format also allows you to completely customize the entire structure by editing the sizes and colors to match your website.

More information and examples of Text Ads...

XML Feeds
Feed Manager: The FinditQuick XML feed will now automatically give you the best bid prices from all the top engines and lets you collect one large payout from us. Our XML feed optimizer monitors your traffic quality and matches ads with your users.

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