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Frequently Asked Advertiser Questions

  1. What does FinditQuick do?
  2. How much does it cost?
  3. How soon can I launch my campaign?
  4. What is a conversion?
  5. How can I track my campaign?
  6. What is a landing page and why should I use one?
  7. I want to be on Google, can you make it happen?
  8. What types of creatives do I need?
  9. Why should I pay someone to do my online advertising?
  10. What are bids, keywords, and caps?
  11. How can I be sure my campaign will be successful?
  12. SEO, SEM, LMO, PPC, aahh, what does it all mean?
  13. I have a local business, how can online advertising help me?

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What does FinditQuick do?
FinditQuick is an online ad agency that specializes in PPC advertising. We’ll help you develop, implement, and monitor a sponsored link campaign on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other great search engines and websites...Just like this!

How much does it cost?
Campaign cost depends entirely on how much you want to advertise, how long you want to run, and how much you want to stand out. Online advertising is most accurately compared to magazine or newspaper advertising. The bigger your ad or the closer to the front page you are, the more you’ll stand out, but the more you’ll pay.

How soon can we launch?
In general, FinditQuick can have your campaign up and running in a matter of days. With our MaxReach program, a personal media consultant will work with you to help you define your objective, create your ads, and monitor your campaign. With our MetroReach program, a personal media consultant will work with you to create your daily deal for your business. You can also operate solo with our MyReach program.

What is a conversion?
The term “Conversion” is quite often misinterpreted and doesn’t always mean a financial transaction took place. “Conversion” can mean anything from a traditional merchandise sale, to a completion of an information request form, to an account creation, or a even a newsletter sign up. It is important that all parties agree on what counts as a conversion before a campaign is launched.

How can I track my campaign?
No form of advertising can be tracked better than a digital pay-per-click advertising campaign. With our easy “copy paste” conversion tracking javascript pixel you can track and generate reports for every click and conversion, giving you the tools you need to make sure your campaign is the best it can be.

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