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More on Pay-Per-Click

Launched in March 2000 as one of the first pay-per-click search engine platforms, FinditQuick allows advertisers to list their sites, bid on keywords and receive targeted search traffic from hundreds of high quality content sites, directories and search engines. FinditQuick features an industry-leading user interface, cost-effective CPCs across all major categories, major search engine distribution, and free account management services. Listing your website on FinditQuick is convenient, fast and cost-effective.

Whether you’re small, large, local, or global, FinditQuick has you covered with three separately focused packages designed to best fit your needs!

Sound Good? How Does it Work?

Honestly, it's easy!

  • Create an ad to be placed on top search engines and content sites using the interface.

  • Upload a list of keywords that most represent what you’re selling.

  • Set a max bid, or price that you’re willing to pay-per-click for each keyword. The higher you pay, the closer to the top you are when your keywords are searched.

  • Set a daily cap, which determines how much you want your campaign to spend each day.

  • Your ad shows in the “sponsored” section of major search engines when consumers search your keywords.

  • You can even generate click, keyword, and conversions reports using the FinditQuick conversion tracker!

Get Me There

FinditQuick assigns a dedicated account representative to every MaxReach account to make sure all your campaigns are fully optimized.

Tracking your clicks and conversions couldn’t be easier when you take advantage of our exclusive QuickTrack reporting system - reporting clicks, keyword activity, and conversions on each one of your campaigns!

Call (866) 899-8589 or click here to contact a media consultant today for a free consultation.

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