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Slider Widget Ads

Sliding widgets are a great way to capture your target audience. These ads are always above the fold giving you a higher click through rate (CTR). This ad format can be customized to fit your website and help you obtain a higher engagement rate. The ads can be placed in the corners of your browser window.

The Slider Widget Ads now have all country coverage with Top Name Advertisers and new CPC and CPA payouts. We give you the opportunity to pick from a vast amount of categories that relate to your site which include Automotive, Electronics, Games, Shopping and more. You never have to worry about placing irrelevant ads on your site again.

For a live sample, look in the lower right corner of the browser. By hovering over the Slider Widget Ad, it will slide upward to show the full ad.


This is the way the Slider Widget ad will look while docked at the bottom of the browser.
Slider Widget


This is the way the Slider Widget ad will look when you hover over the ad unit.
Sliding Widget


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